I very much enjoyed my brekky this morning, this time without the yolk so overcooked.

It didn’t taste so good coming up the other way as I threw it up on the side of the road after teaching bodystep for the first time in about 6 weeks.

Instructor fail… Lucky the class was only 45 minutes long. Next time I might pass on the athletic circuit and remember I’m getting strong at the moment and not so focused on cardio…



Despite the awful, naughty week I had nutrition wise this week which was a unholy culmination of non-preparedness, stress and Friday’s indulgences at our work team day (pasta, paella and chocolate fondant = carb hangover), I’m beginning to get a lot better of what I enjoy eating. 


The gluten and sugar has got to go. I enjoy good quality dairy and it’s not worth attempting to give up caffeine. This leaves me with where I want to be enjoying food – mostly whole, minimally processed with lots of variety. To achieve this, I need to work on being better prepared. 


This morning I enjoyed ‘brunch’ aka I slept in 🙂 similar to this recipe from Paleomg which was the only reason why I wanted to haul myself out of bed this morning after finding it on Friday night. Not being particularly paleo, I added some persian fetta to the top 🙂 Although I over cooked the egg, I have another nest in the fridge ready for tomorrow’s breakfast! 

up past my bedtime

Somewhere along the way, I think I was aiming to get to bed earlier? 

I’m not sure what happened tonight, but the body balance class I taught this evening, sandwiched between participating in a bodyattack class (rather low impact) and weights, came from such a grounded, peaceful place. Half the class I don’t think I had any idea what I was talking about, the other half I was speaking about creating space to breathe. 

Not only do we need the space to breathe, we also need it for our thoughts. After last nights yoga class where I took the time out for myself (my apartment still isn’t clean – oops) I feel a whole lot better after last week. 

Now to carry that through to Friday. After that – long weekend! Launches, and I’m covering bodystep on Sunday. Welcome back to the bad ex-boyfriend :/ I love bodystep, but it doesn’t always love me. I miss it, need to get over it but keep coming back! 

Lucky I now have my new friend, the squat rack. 


“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change” – Wayne Dwyer

There is a lot that I wanted to achieve this week that didn’t quite happen this week, but rather than dwelling on that, I’m going to leave Sunday and this week with what I *did* actually manage to do, which will impact positively on my health and fitness –

1. I did 3 weights work outs – Monday, Saturday & Sunday – which for me, is a good effort as I’ve been getting in two sessions – AND I did them all at the gym. I think I enjoyed it, and looking forward to smashing it out again.

2. I did a great, sweaty vinyasa flow class this afternoon, despite the fact that my apartment is a complete mess.

3. I finished reading Rob Stryker’s book, the Four Desires – very interesting reading and I’m looking forward to taking what I learnt from it into my bodybalance classes, particularly for the meditation.

Before writing this, I would’ve said I had a shit week. Some of the things that happened weren’t particularly desirable – both work, gym and personally but after writing this I feel a whole lot better about what I achieved this week.


I am off to take my contacts out and head to bed!